The AORA Gemstone Oracle Cards contains the most sacred and often used gemstones of ancient and modern history! Each card is a full color depiction of a crystal or gemstone; acting as a portal or doorway into the pure energy and source of that gemstone!


44 AORA Gemstone Oracle Cards
1. AGATE: The Plain of Serenity - A Keystone* gem; helping to anchor spiritual energies on Earth! 23. LABRADORITE: The Chalice of Illumination - a gemstone of higher realm knowledge and light; catalyzes Seerstone* energies for psychic, higher brain development!
2. AMAZONITE: The Infinite Window - attuned to the creative forces, opening our hearts to the spirit of creativity! 24. LAPIS LAZULI: The Lapis Temple - one of the foundation gemstones of planet Earth. A sacred 3rd eye gemstone!
3. AMBER: The Golden Temple - A vehicle for transforming solar light and energy, into available spiritual power for humanity. 25. MALACHITE : The Channel of Transformation - A grounding energy to open the heart and help us enjoy our journey upon the Earth!
4. AMETHYST: The Sea of Amethyst a higher octave crystal for awakening the latent psychic and spiritual powers. 26. MOLDAVITE : The Messenger of the Gods - A gemstone of E.T. origin; reminding us that we are not alone in the universe.
5. AQUAMARINE: The Guardians of Creation - an angelic & subtle crystal energy, aligned with learning to speak our spiritual truths. 27. MOONSTONE: Lunaria's Flight - a powerful gem of goddess energy, helping to balance the male/female polarities on Earth.
6. AVENTURINE: The Celestial Traveler - a protective gemstone; encouraging an open heart, often worn by ancient travelers! 28. OBSIDIAN: Kokopelli's Dream - a powerful stone of fiery origin; helping to deflect & deal with negative energies.
7. AZURITE: The Stone of Heaven - attuned to the crown chakra; this celestial crystal invites higher plane energies into our lives. 29. OPAL  (BLACK): The Rainbow Pathway - a high vibration Seerstone*; attuning us to the celestial & dream realms that lie hidden to us.
8. BLOODSTONE: The Tree of Life - a Touchstone* gem, it assists with balancing our physical bodies, and helps ground spiritual energies into our daily lives. 30. PEARL: The Water Nymph - an organic gemstone of the sea; assisting us with life's irritations and emotional issues.
9. CARNELIAN: The Essence of Life - a Lifestone*, revered for its life-force enhancing powers. Helps re-kindle our true passions and higher desires! 31. RED CORAL: The Enlightened One - a gemstone of spiritual & physical balance; an organic stone from the ocean, uniting the sensual & higher energies into one!
10. CHRYSOCOLLA: The Earth Dance - a gemstone of heart & spirit; allowing a space in our lives for complete healing our of Hearts! 32. RHODOCHROSITE: The Dance of Freedom - a joyous Heartstone*, that reminds us to live each day with Joy & Harmony. 
11. CITRINE: The Sentinels of the Sun - a powerful SUNGEM*; re-balances the Solar Plexus or chi zone of our bodies! 33. ROSE QUARTZ: Heartsong - one of the gentlest and most powerful Heartstones on Earth. A calming gem to soothe our hearts & spirits.
12. CRYSTAL QUARTZ: The Crystal Oracle - the most often utilized and revered crystal of Light available! 34. RUBY: The Ruby Guardian - a powerful, mature heart chakra gemstone. A reminder of the spiritual courage that lies within us. 
13. DIAMOND: The Diamond Deva - a transformer of Light and consciousness; a regal crystal for gaining enlightenment and ultimate healing! 35. SAPPHIRE  (BLUE): The Sapphire Muse - a higher chakra gemstone that awakens the psychic & spiritual senses; reminding us of the light beings we really are.
14. EMERALD: The Emerald Door - one of the highest vibration gems on Earth; a portal to Divine Love and Joy! 36. SELENITE: The Wisdom Keeper - a shamanic crystal helping us to connect the past and present.
15. FIRE AGATE: Behold Only Beauty - initiates the fire of Life Potential and Power within us! An important Lifestone* gem for daily use. 37. SMOKY QUARTZ: The Akashic Archive - A Seerstone* that stimulates our powers of prophecy, divination and clairvoyance.
16. FLUORITE: The Cosmic Prophecy - a stone that helps us commune with our inner psychic potential; a gemstone of the mind and mental realms! 38. SODALITE: The Swans of Heaven - a gemstone of communal & fraternal love; a stone of harmony for relationships.
17. GARNET: ATARA the Lioness - one of best gemstones for releasing our heart-felt feelings & desires; a genuine crystal of love and adventure! 39. SUGILITE: The Flower of Isis - a gem for this new millennium; a powerful Heartstone* of awakening the Inner Child.
18. GREEN TOURMALINE: Fountain of Life - a crystal of abundant life energy; a catalyst to aligning body, mind and spirit. 40. TIGEREYE: The Master of Evolution a yang or masculine energy stone of prosperity and empowerment. 
19. HEMATITE: The Stone of Shadows - a very grounding/ anchoring Touchstone* energy; helping us to tap spiritual/ psychic energies for protection. 41. TOPAZ: The Sacred Treasure - A re-vitalizing Sungem*; firing the stagnant lifeforce energies within us. 
20. HERKIMER QUARTZ: The Crystal Fairy - a Dreamstone* of un-surpassed crystal magic and light; multi-dimensional tool of awakening the child within! 42. TURQUOISE: The Medicine Keeper an ancient healing gemstone, helping to balance body, mind and spirit. One of the most ancient of stones!
21. JADE: The Mayan Dream Temple - a gem of harmonious relationships and connections. Jade links us with the heart of Gaia~ Mother Earth! 43. UNAKITE: The Ethereal City - a gemstone assisting with the healing of the heart and balancing of male/female polarities.
22. JASPER  (PICTURE): The Grand Design - a creative and artistic gem energy which puts us in touch with our purpose for being on Earth! 44. WATERMELON TOURMALINE: The Twin Souls - one of the most powerful Heartstones; a gem of romance and harmony in relationships.

*Refer to the Section on the 8 Gemstone Families.